Psychologists, Social Workers and Peer Counsellors

Learn about SCI psychology, social work and counselling

THis module is intended for psychologists, social workers and peer counselors new to the area of spinal cord injuries. However, all team members would benefit from a better understanding of the psychological and social implications of spinal cord injury.

This module covers a diverse range of topics such as adjustment to disability, depression, anxiety, sexuality, finances, family and community support. It includes a variety of case studies from countries around the world.

Subcommittees and Subcommittee Coordinators

Name Country
Stanley Ducharme USA
Sub Committee Members
Susan Charlifue USA
Divya Parashar India
Paul Kennedy UK
Carolino Llobet  
Peter Lude Switzerland
Trung Mong Hang Vietnam
Piyanjali de Zoysa Sri Lanka
Shivjeet Raghav India
Md. Abdul Zabbar Bangladesh
Ahmar Iqbal Pakistan
Ajith Kithsiri Sri Lanka
Md. Abdul Zabbar Bangladesh

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