Acknowledgement of translators

We would like to thank the following people and organisations that have contributed to the translation of this resource into different languages.

Spanish: Federico Montero (Costa Rica) and Oscar Rivera (Costa Rica) with assistance from Alberto Rodríguez-Vélez (Argentina), Monica Agotegaray (Argentina) and Mary Laura Valverde (Chile)

Portuguese: Vania Williams (Brazil)

French: Brigitte Perroin-Verbe, Catherine Dansereau, David Goossens, Dominique Gault,Eric Weerts, Erik Govaerts, François Constant Boyer, Françoise Beuret-Blanquart,Géraldine Jacquemin, Guillaume Pele, Guy Edon, Hubert Tournebise,Jean-Gabriel ,Prévinaire, Karine Aurier, Loïc Le Chapelain, Manouche Casimir, Marc Lefort, Marie St-Amour, Martin Jacobs,Michel Danakas, Philippe Ménard,Stéphane Rostagno Thierry Albert

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