Learn about SCI nursing

This module is intended for student and graduate nurses who have some practical nursing experience but are new to spinal cord injuries. It highlights the unique role of the nurse in the rehabilitation process and the key features of nursing people with spinal cord injuries.

The topics include an introduction to the concepts and role of nurses, spinal precautions, managing skin integrity following spinal cord injury, respiratory management, bowel management, bladder management and the role of the nurse in facilitating healthy sexuality in people with spinal cord injury.

Subcommittees and Subcommittee Coordinators

Name Country
Debbie Green UK
Sub Committee Members
Joanne Glinsky Australia
Kim Bruun Denmark
Firas Sarhan UK
Nguyen Thi Kim Lien Vietnam
Neetu Maitra India
Vo Thi Huong Vietnam
Tarafder Sunil Kumar Bangladesh
Maureen Coggrave UK
Lise Belanger Canada
Kathryn Sherrington UK
Herman Willemse South Africa
Ajith Kithsiri Sri Lanka
Rael Klein Canada
Hilary Jebson Canada

Spinal precautions submodule have been develop by exclusive contribution of experts from the " Vancouver General Hospital Acute Spine Program and Rick Hansen Institute, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada"

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